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Featured Press…

·  The Independent supported multiple tracks throughout the Waste My Revenge EP release cycle on their 'Now Hear This' playlist

·  Live Nations Ones so Watch have shown continued support for the band with multiple singles being added to their Ones to Watch playlist

·  CLOUT have also shown continued support for the campaign with track posts and reviews

·  It's All Indie have been big supporters of the singles leading up to the EP release


Latest Reviews…


"Consistently intoxicating indie rock anthems that revel both in their heavy intensity and melodic vibrancy, The Thing With Feathers have rightly earned themselves a reputation as of late as a thoroughly reliable band with a conveyer belt of immersive and memorable tunes, and their brand new EP, Waste My Revenge, has only served to confirm that.”

CLOUT Magazine


“From start to finish, the EP is a certified pop rock tour de force, full of energizing anthems drenched in catchy hook-filled writing.”

Plastic Mag


“…it’s a wonderful record that should resonate with the masses entirely”

Illustrate Magazine


“Waste My Revenge is an EP packed with a variety of songs and at least one of them is bound to be stuck in your head”

Off The Record Press


“‘Waste My Revenge’ is a heavy hitter in The Thing With Feather’s discography. For it to only be their sophomore EP, I believe they have found their sound and their niche within the music scene.”

Melomania Magazine

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