David Welcsh, Vocalist for The Thing With Feathers

David welcsh, vocals

Alex Hendricks, Guitarist for The Thing With Feathers

alex hendricks, guitar

Sean Carroll, Bassist for The Thing With Feathers

Sean carroll, bass

Chris Roussell, Drummer for The Thing With Feathers

chris roussell, drums

An Emily Dickinson credo stumbled upon by frontman David Welcsh over 150 years after being penned led to the namesake of the Nashville power quartet in the spring of 2017. Together, The Thing With Feathers have taken the best elements of Rock, Dance, and Pop to create an amalgam of booty shakin’-infused Alternative Rock with irresistible vocals and impeccable production.


Donning many musical hats, early incarnations of the band began making rounds through the fraternity show circuit as a cover band, building stock in their performance ability and writing prowess. Following several reinventions, Welcsh ultimately connected with bassist Sean Carroll, drummer Chris Roussell, and guitarist Alex Hendricks. Blending their affinity for several artists such as Coldplay, The 1975, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band created a distinct sound best expressed in their May 2019 release, ‘Figure It Out’. Garnering over half a million streams on Spotify since release, the song quickly became a fan-favorite at live shows and proved a powerful catalyst in reaching an international audience.


More recently, the Feathers have teamed up with producer Jason Bennett and mixing engineer Kyle Dreaden (Parachute, Jake Wesley Rogers). In their first collaboration, ‘What You Want’, released on February 21st, the band delves deeper not only into sonic exploration with their production, but harder-hitting, yet more sensitive hooks. “This track is easygoing, incredibly catchy, and perfect for a twilight drive” says Tongue Tied Magazine in a review of the track. “The instrumentals are front and center, with bass lines and drums that each get their moments to shine.”


To celebrate the release of the track, the Feathers took the stage at The High Watt in Nashville, Tennessee on February 22nd. Basking in a kaleidoscopic light show and incredible energy from the sold-out crowd, the group proved their place as the next household name in Alternative Rock. Other notable performances include a sold-out show at Cleveland, Ohio’s historic Grog Shop, Nashville’s HuruFest, and Lightning 100’s Pilgrimage Festival 2019 Competition. 


With their latest single, 'Midwest Daydreams', released on July 31st, the Feathers continue to forge their unique sound and path through their innovative approach to composition. Welcsh sums it up best: “[Our music] is an invitation. It’s an empowerment, a call to something greater, a belief in something more, but most of all it is hope.” 

The Thing With Feathers by Claire Foth
The Thing With Feathers by Claire Foth